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Reichstag Fire Sources Questions

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Question 2 Source B is written by Van der Lubbe, the ex-communist who says he started the fire, he also says he acted alone. It is not a very reliable source because Van der Lubbe was probably being heavily tortured when he gave this statement and therefore the Nazis could make him say anything they wanted. Despite this it confirms that the Nazi claim that the fire had a communist link although Van der Lubbe was no longer a communist and that the fire was started because of a political motive. The communists had to cause trouble because the workers were currently not uprising due to terror, the communists were the only people who were prepared to fight against the Nazis and therefore it is likely that the source is telling the truth about the kind of person who started the fire. ...read more.


The statement also says that Van der Lubbe did not mean to hurt anyone just destroyed the main part of a system that he disagreed with. The German general election was on the 28th February and Van der Lubbe started the fire the day before, this perhaps shows that the communists knew that the Nazis were going to get the majority and were willing to go to desperate measures to stop this happening. This source is going to be a little biased in favour of the communists because it was written by an ex-communist so in actual fact when he says he acted alone there could've been others helping that he was protecting. ...read more.


It proves that the two main people in the German party were not present when the fire was started and Goebbel also tells us how shocked he was when he found out and how he refused to believe it until he was informed by furthermore calls. Not only is it an alibi for Goebbel and Hitler but also it is one for Goring and von Papen this also proves that even more of the Nazis were not involved in the fire. When Goebbel hears the news he immediately blames the communists and says that it was a deliberate attempt by them to disrupt the country and cause panic and terror which shows that the communists had been terrorising the country before and so Goebbel is ready to believe that they would start the fire as soon as he is told. By Josh Congdon ...read more.

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