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Research into Scottish Witchcraft in the 16th Century.

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´╗┐Witches, with broom sticks and black cats? No! Witches as in 1500?s, people who were known for practising magic. Some cases say that they were seen flying and shape shifting but never brooms or black cats well anyway not Scottish witches?. Ok so what make Scottish witchcraft different to other witchcraft? Well compared the English, we used different techniques to the get accused witches to admit to their alleged crimes example are we never used the famous swim test and we never set them on fire but we still did use torture to get them to convince. So what types of torture did we use? Well we used many types like ??. . Sleep deprivation ? seen as an effective way of getting confessions and is still used to day, when you don?t allow the accused to sleep a mental torcher rather than physical. Can last days, Hallucination can occur and is believed the person/s implying the torture convinced them in there hallucinations that they were all guilty. . ...read more.


What did the witches look like? Ordinary woman but One thing witches got recognised for was a witch?s mark was what they got when meeting with the devil. The witches mark could have really been anything a freckle birthmark a scar in court if the accused had a witches mark they would put a needle /knife in the mark and usually no blood would shed but this is because that research shows that they were dummy needles when the blade pushed of the skin it would go back into the handle instead of the skin. Were they all female? Of the accused 84% were women and 15% men. The sex is not known for 1% Were they all old? Based on the age of the accused that got recorded 7% were aged under 20, 8% were between 20 and 30, 22% were between 30 and 40, 22% were between 40 and 50, 31% were between 50 and 60, 7% were between 60 and 70, 4% were over 70. ...read more.


A pentagram is known as the sign of a witch Macbeth the work of William Shakespeare is one of the most famous witch tale of the 3 Scottish sister witches that predict Macbeths uprising to be king. This is all fiction and was to impress King James VI who had an obsession with the idea of witchcraft as Shakespeare liked to keep in tale with royalty. Janet Guthrie was only a young girl when she was imprisoned by her own mother for being an accused witch her mother was an evil woman who killed her eldest daughter as she thought her to be a witch as she nursed her younger sister back to health from a thought to be deadly disease. Janet was to have had a witch?s spell inside her and her mother thought she was practising witchcraft with her sisters and for that reason her wicked mother imprisoned her while she helped with the Forfar witch hunts. She was released as the town?s people didn?t think she was a witch By Stephanie Allan ...read more.

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