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Research Project On President Hoover and Roosevelt

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Research Project on the Great Depression 1) Herbert Hoover Herbert Hoover was born in August 1874 and died in October 1964. His father died when he was six and his mother died when he was ten. So He had to move to Oregon to live with his uncle, he grew up in Oregon and enrolled at Stanford University, and graduated as a mining engineer. He then married Lou Henry, then went to China to work for a private corporation as China's leading engineer. By the time he was 40 he had made over one million dollars. The Boxer Rebellion caught the Hoovers in Tientsin in 1990. Hoover led the building of barricades and once risked his life to save Chinese children, while his wife worked in hospitals. Herbert Hoover won presidency and was in office for one term from 1929-1933. When Herbert Hoover first won the election the American industry was booming. He got the blame from the US for the Crash, however he had not caused the Crash and there was little he could do to lessen the impact on USA. He tried to employ people to build the Hoover Dam, however it was not enough. Hoover believed that it was not the role of the government to deal with The Wall Street Crash. ...read more.


Roosevelt said 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself'. He also once said 'In order to preserve we had to reform', with this in mind he tackled the issues of the Depression. Roosevelt believed that providing employment was key and supervising all banking and there must be an end to speculation of other people's money. In 1921 Roosevelt developed poliomyelitis and fought to regain the use of his legs through swimming. Then in 1928 he became the Governor of New York. In November 1932 Roosevelt was elected as President and by March there were 13,000,000 unemployed and almost every bank was closed. For the first time the federal government started to take responsibility for their people, and the USA accepted that in order to move on, they had to abandon laissez-faire. He proposed a programme to help business and agriculture recover. He wanted to give relief to the unemployed and those in danger of losing their home. He persuaded Congress to give money for public work projects and to set up a programme to provide work for young people with no jobs. In April 1933 Roosevelt set up the Tennesse Valley Authority, this was responsible for flood and erosion control and the generation and sale of electric power. ...read more.


This left many people in poverty and they were told it was their own fault, causing them to feel ashamed. Farmers in the Mid-West had it even worse, they used the land too much, over-cropping, and this led to a severe drought causing soil to blow away and the harvest failed. Farmers ended up leaving their homes to find other land. However Farmers could not make that much money as the Depression caused a collapse in prices. Therefore many could not re-pay loans and were forced to leave their homes. As well as this many people lost their homes and slept on cardboard boxes or park benches, they ended up relying on soup kitchens and charity workers. They created shanty towns from these cardboard boxes which were nicknames Hoovervilles. 4) I think that everyone in America suffered the same amount in different ways. For example farmers lost their land and office workers lost their jobs. The Depression still caused people to lose their livelihood and force them to live in poverty. It does not matter who you are you still have to use money to live, and in America the economy collapsed meaning that money became scarce. So for everyone in America it became harder to live. I do not think that everyone in the world suffered equally from the Depression because other countries were hardly affected at all. A few countries were affected but not as harshly as USA. ...read more.

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