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Review of 'the trench'

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Review of 'The Trench' I think that the Film 'The Trench' portrayed the life of the soldiers in the trenches very well. It must have been awful living in the ground for so long. The conditions in the trenches were very bad in the film you could see the men having to sleep against the edge of the trench on the hard sand bags. Rats were running around on the floor as well nibbling at the soldier's feet and the dirt on the floor. If it rained in the trench the soldiers must have got wet because I didn't any shelter for them at all in the film, although the Lieutenant Ellis Harte has his own little study type room where he could relax in private. ...read more.


Sometimes however tempers rose in the trench and there were fight between the men. I think the men looked up to Sergeant Telford Winter as an experienced figure who had fought before. he was quite strict with the men but he always knew best. In a way he was a better leader than Lieutenant Harte but Harte was above him in his job probably because he was from a better social class than Sergeant Winter, who had worked his way up through the ranks. The Attitudes of the soldiers going over the top was mixed, some were positive and some didn't want go through with it. ...read more.


The Motives for joining the army must have been to fight for your country. Many boys when they are little dream about being a soldier and fighting in a war. However I think that some men were pressured in to joining the army because all the other men that were young and fit were so they had to as well. They could have been seen as wimps if they didn't want to join up and they wanted to make their families proud of them. Overall I think it must have been terrible for the soldiers leaving their loved ones for such a cold and hard time in the trenches before having to go over the top into the line of enemy fire for their country. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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