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Revision notes - Changes in Civil Rights for Black Americans

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Changes in Civil Rights for Black Americans How Civil Rights Were Gained * Cases, Leaders and Bills o Brown vs. Topeka (1954): the first case to challenge segregation. Linda Brown wanted to attend a school rather than a school for black Americans, which was a mile away o Little Rock High School: shown publicly through press and television across the world. Humiliated and embarrassed USA, who were supposedly all for freedom and equality. Pushed USA government to do something to avoid further embarrassment. o Rosa Parks o Martin Luther King Jr.: led the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Powerful speeches (e.g. 'I Had A Dream') o Meredith case o Civil rights legislation/ Civil rights bill o The Voting Rights Act o Black Panther Party for Self Defence * Peaceful protests o Sit-ins: to highlight the issue of segregation, black Americans sit-in ...read more.


of discrimination * Campaigns o Double V campaign: campaign for victory for civil rights at home as well as military abroad o Selma and the Voting Rights Act (1965): non-violent campaign for black Americans to receive the right to vote Changes Black Americans CHANGE POSTIVE GAIN BECAUSE... NO DIFFERENCE BECAUSE... * Fall in number living in poverty (Source E) * Increase in number of black officials (Source A) * Showed some changes in national unemployment of Black Americans (Source B) * Majority of black Americans were registered voters in certain states in the USA, 1969 * Brown Vs. Topeka * Little Rock High School * Montgomery Bus Boycott * Civil rights legislation * Sit-ins * Removal of poverty can lead to better opportunities in education * Black Americans getting better job opportunities * Less Black Americans were losing jobs, at ...read more.


* Example of peaceful protest to tackle the racial issue * Sign that JFK was reacting towards the racial discrimination * Was another example of peaceful protests challenging the racial tensions in USA. Greensboro sit-in resulted in desegregated lunch counters. * Still substantially larger amount of black people living in poverty than whites * In the north, the number began to stop increasing and instead stay at around 2000 in 2980 onwards * Changes then increased drastically onwards, also the percentage was always substantially larger than that of national unemployment * Not all black Americans were registered to vote/ a large amount more white people were registered than black people * People were still segregating black and white students soon after. * Congress didn't pass the bill * People attacked and humiliated the black Americans during the sit-ins. Still tensions between black and white Americans. ...read more.

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