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Revolutionary Letter

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Dear Editor, I am Ethan Allen, an American patriot, and I am writing to you about why I am not against the Revolution. First off, we the Americans feel as the sole arbitrary ruler, the King or Parliament, have violated our intrinsic rights, so that the rebellion is justified. In fact, we have been convinced into thinking and accepting the principle that natural laws rather than royal decrees should govern the economy. Throughout the following years we have adapted and learned to cherish the British lifestyle. One example is how reverent the southern colonies were to England by their tobacco trade. Secondly, I support the revolution because of the number of acts that were passed by the loyalists. ...read more.


This hurt our economic prosperity of the colonists, mobs had strengthened in anger and the Boston Tea Party followed. What then happened was that the British became mad at the colonial resistance to British law, therefore the British passed the Coercive Act or "Intolerable Act". The Intolerable act closed off the Boston Port, which closed off the center of economic prosperity (trading) of New England. England was also limiting us to raw material production, which hindered the colonists' economic prosperity. Apart from the economics, I believe in the American Revolution, for political reasons. The Proclamation of 1763 restricted the settlement west of the Appalachians. This was done because the British had wanted to avoid conflict with the Indians. ...read more.


There will also be a lot of advantages like us fighting on home ground, making of good decisions by our generals, possible help of other nations, good war tactics and many more. We could also see the disadvantages of the loyalists like fighting in unfamiliar and hostile territory, fighting far from home, half-hearted support and that most importantly they were heavily in debt due to past internal and external conflicts. Overall, the majority of the policies that affected the colonists between 1763 and 1776 were economic changes that limited the economic success of the colonies; furthermore, these policies also had negative political influences, also the positives and negatives about the war itself that will follow is why I, an American patriot, am whole-heartedly in support of the Great American revolution. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - The American Times: The Chronicles of Freedom ...read more.

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