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'Richmond Castle was built more for defence than comfort.'

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History Coursework Q1: Essay 'Richmond Castle was built more for defence than comfort.' In this essay I will be investigating the important question, 'Richmond Castle was built more for defence than comfort,' and will find out whether this statement is true or, in fact, false. Richmond Castle was built by Alan Rufus, count of Brittany in 1070. He needed the castle to be: - A massive, physical symbol of his power. - The base for his garrison of knights. - The centre of his financial control. It is said that Richmond Castle may be the oldest stone-built castle in England. It was built for mainly defensive purposes. ...read more.


Its sloping walls kept attackers back and there were turrets for look-out and firing on the enemy. The windows got wider the further off the ground they were. As you can see, this keep remains virtually intact. The castle was built on a hill so that people could see their enemies approaching. When the enemies got there they would have to climb this hill before attacking. This would make them tired and easier to defeat. Therefore it is an entirely defensive feature. The castle is also built above the river Swale and has enormously high and thick stone walls. Later on in 1855 a detention block of eight cells just inside the castles entrance were added, and conscientious objectors were locked in the cells. ...read more.


As time went by, there was more comfort features built inside the castle's walls. Two more chapels were built and also there was a cockpit garden, which is very scenic. The gold Hole Tower contained the latrines (toilets) of the castle. The upper part of it was re-built in the 14th century and contains a room with a fireplace. Scolland's hall was a lord's residence of the late 11th century Richmond Castle. In conclusion it seems that Richmond Castle was built for defensive purposes, and later on, once people had mastered the defensive features, comfort features were added to improve the castle on a whole for the people inside it. Therefore the statement is correct, Richmond Castle was built more for defence than comfort. ...read more.

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