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Rights of Races.

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Rights of Races African-Americans has faced that same evil, suffered from it and died from it. Racist whites are that evil. President Abraham Lincoln has promised Blacks in America freedom from slavery during the Civil War. America has kept her promise and fulfilled it, but she never promised anything about equal rights of races. Even though slavery has been abolished in throughout the United States during the Civil War, the racist Whites in Southern States found that it is still possible to keep the former slaves, the Negroes, living in poverty and have unequal rights. This should and shall not continue. I believe that all rights of people must be equal no matter what race, religion or background they have. Blacks in the US are among those who are unequal. However, brave individuals, such as Martin Luther King Jr., fought for equality. ...read more.


So this law was never taken to action. Segregation wasn't the only problem southern negroes faced, the Ku Klux Klan was what probably frightened them the most. The KKK's purpose, to create fear in the blacks. The KKK's method, violence. Community leaders didn't need to destroy the fear spread by the Klansmen. Many are Klansmen. Any police case that involves a crime committed by the Klansmen could be easily been closed because the police chief is a member of the KKK. This brings even more fear to the Negroes. A fear that spreads like a plague infecting Negroes making them too scared to go to work, too scared to answer the phone, too scared to stay at home, too scared to live with fear. Just like Martin Luther King, when he was constantly receiving death threat during his campaigns, and some were for real. ...read more.


What happened was that the local white authorities who were suppose to attack the marching demonstrators instead let them continue after the demonstrators knelt down and prayed and peacefully continued marching. The hand of love from the demonstrators reached out and killed hate in the conscience of the racist men. Laws can be passed, like the law to stop segregation and the law to make voting for the blacks easier, but changing the law only changes the environment where racist whites can express and practice their racist ways. No matter how much the law is change to prevent discrimination, racist whites still have that belief in them that they are superior and blacks are inferior. Discrimination can only be fully eliminated by driving the hate out of the conscience of racist people; just as what Martin Luther King tried to do with his non-violent demonstration. The way to do that is to present them with an idea that there is only one kind of people, people. ...read more.

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