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Roosevelt and the new deal - source related questions.

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Sources Course work Aryana Masoudi 11F 1.Study source A. Use source A and your own knowledge of the period to explain why people supported Roosevelt in the 1932 election. Source A is taken from a moderately powerful speech, it insures people to have hope in him since that is exactly what he has promised. Whether this hope can be false is debatable, but from a extract form his speech " no to win votes alone" it is quite clear that he's not offering people hope only for the sole purpose of becoming president but also he is trying to "crusade to restore America". Another aspect which has been promised to the people of America was that it would improve peoples standard of living, however this is a very hard promise to keep as it has been experienced that in the roaring 20's not everyone's life improved so why should they believe it now. But it became people's perception that Roosevelt was a generally honest and caring individual. This surely helped in making people place trust in him. With such presidents as Calvin Coolidge it can be soon no wonder that after many years of right wing republican presidents that the majority of people wanted a democratic president. The 'rugged individualism' experienced had left millions unemployed and living in harsh poverty. This was a time where there was no welfare state to help the poor by giving benefits. ...read more.


Source D shows a photograph taken in 1937, it shows a queue of black people waiting for government relief and behind them is a large poster. This photograph is propaganda by Roosevelt to advertise 'the American way'. The poster shows the, 2 children, happy family in their luxurious car and wealthy clothes, they seem happy and wealthy, they have the 'world's highest standard of living'. This poster is behind a line of black people lining up for government relief. The photographer is trying to capture the American dream in the flash. As is clear from the poster, it seems to be rubbing white supremacy into their faces as they look tired, weak and helpless. I think that the photographer also wanted to capture how contrasting the American dream seems to be to two different colours of people. The poster reveals how all Americans can have the chance to be driving around in a car with smiles on their faces and smart clothes on. Unfortunately almost all blacks were stopped and prevented from having the best jobs in society, and were usually given the poor manual labour jobs, such as farming. By the looks upon the people none of them seem to be concentrating on the poster, this suggests that they're plenty of posters like these every where to stop everyone from paying attention. Not only this but they might not be concentrating because of the humiliation caused from this poster, as it only meant that the blacks were segregated even more then before. ...read more.


This however is only the view of one couple. We can't be certain that it is true and it seems deeply biased. It is likely to be propaganda attempting to convince the public that Roosevelt is a good and honourable president; it might have even been completely made up to win him support and so given an image of Roosevelt as a cheat and a liar for trying to deceive the public with this letter. Source H is an extract from a popular song of 1936; it isn't propaganda, as it wasn't written by the government. It is a reflection of many public opinions and includes statements on Roosevelt, 'Since Roosevelt's been re-elected, we'll not be neglected'. It supports Roosevelt, the writer or indeed writers were 'glad' that Roosevelt won the election and was re-elected. On the other hand, this song is very vague as evidence; it doesn't give details or elaborate on the public's opinions on Roosevelt, it only mentions him in passing. Unlike the other source it seems vague and not specific on why exactly they fee; that way about president Roosevelt. Overall I feel that both can be seen as not representing a public view but Source I seems more convincing coming from a song, rather then one letter from one couple out of thousands of millions. . Source H is most likely propaganda, but if it is genuine it is still only one view whereas Source I shows the views of many and it can't possibly be false as it wouldn't have become a popular song if people didn't agree with the message it is telling. ...read more.

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