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Roosevelt's New Deal.

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Roosevelt's New Deal Danielle Atlas In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidential election with 57% of the vote. His predecessor was Herbert Hoover, a Republican who believed in the policies of rugged individualism and laissez-faire. This election took place during the Great Depression. Although Hoover during his presidential period tried to introduce policies that would improve the standard of life of those struck by unemployment and poverty as a result of the Depression, the situation barely improved. After the 'lame duck' period from November 1932 to March 1933, President Roosevelt came into power. He intended to bring America out of Depression by restoring hope and faith into the people, and by direct aid - through relief (handouts to relieve poverty and stop people from losing homes or farms), through recovery (revive the economy and help unemployment rates) and through reform (introduce aid measures such as social security and pensions for people in the USA). Roosevelt achieved the latter through a series of agencies and policies to relieve the Depression, which collectively became known as the 'New Deal'. Some examples of these policies which related to relief were the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. ...read more.


Workers were also govern the right to join trade unions. Businesses were encouraged to sign this code, and although it wasn't compulsory, it was seen as the 'patriotic' and 'American' thing to do. Businesses that were part of the NRA could display the 'Blue Eagle' - the NRA's logo, and the public were encouraged to buy goods from these businesses. The administration of the NRA involved significant changes to the way that the economy was run. There was a direct involvement of the government in business, as well as government control in business. The NRA, as it was administered and managed by the government was a definite change from Hoover's policies. As the NRA was affecting the economy, Roosevelt was altering the way that the capitalist system of America was run. This policy also changed the way that businesses were run, and the flow of money all over America, as businesses supporting the NRA would be supported by the general public. The Tennessee Valley Authority was another initiative which was designed to recover the economy. It was designed to develop the Tennessee Valley area, which cut through seven states. This area was poverty stricken and suffered from soil erosion and flooding. ...read more.


This initiative created a link between the government and its people. It was not making significant changes to the capitalist system; it was simply giving those working under the system a better quality of life. The degree of change in the various policies varies. In some areas, such as relief, the degree of change is quite significant. As Roosevelt did not wish to dramatically alter the capitalist system, recovery of the economy did not involved a significant degree of change. Reform didn't involve a significant degree of change, nor a small degree of change - it was somewhere in between the two. Different policies were set up to assist different areas. For example, the TVA was directed to help the rural sector. With respect to recovery and to some degree relief, much of the aid that was needed, especially when seeking to help unemployment was targeted at the urban areas. What is common to most of the initiatives of the New Deal, however, is that they all involved some form of chage to society. As the government was getting involved in the lives of people, and to an extent in the workplace, Hoover's old laissez faire policies and ideals of rugged individualism were replaced and dramatically changed by the New Deal. ...read more.

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