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Roosevelt's New Deal: A Benifit or Detriment

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Julie Nelson Roosevelt's New Deal: A Benifit or Detriment November 3, 2004 After the catastrophic U.S. stock market crash on October 29, 1929, known as "Black Tuesday," unemployment in the United States rose from about 3% to a financially devastating 25%. So, When Franklin D. Roosevelt took up office as the President of the United States, on July 2nd, 1932, he needed to drastically change the financial and social situation of his country. That, is where the " New Deal," came into practice. The "New Deal," was designed to help the country back on its feet again after coming to an economic halt. President Roosevelt had many good ideas that took shape during his time in office, that had a positive effect on the economy of the United States. One of his government programs, was the AAA, or the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, which was designed to make it more profitable for the farmers so that they weren't constantly in a cycle of poverty. ...read more.


The Emergency Banking Act/Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was created to insure deposits up to $5000 dollars, and because of it, after re-opening the banks, the deposits well exceeded the withdrawals. One more policy that greatly benefited the Americans, was the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, which banned the sale of tribal land and returned much of the already taken land, back to the Natives. Overall, this program benefited the Native Americans immensely. In all of these programs, the lives of the American people are became better, through the policies of President Roosevelt. The problem of unemployment, was probably one of the worst during the depression, leaving many families in dire need of food and other necessities. Because no one had any money to spend on the bare essentials, it was no surprise that the demand for manufactured goods plummeted and lead to the closure of many factories and the bankruptcy of lots of businessmen. To help solve the unemployment problem, President Roosevelt implemented several programs including: The NRA, The WPA and NLRB. ...read more.


I believe that all of these programs that were brought into effect by Franklin Roosevelt, were good plans and they benefited the American people greatly. In my belief, one of Franklin Roosevelt's best policies, was the simple, yet effective Tennessee Valley Authority of 1933. All that this program did, was raise the standard of living for the people in the Tennessee Valley and help to control flooding. As far as I can see, there were no negative outcomes of this program, so it was a great success. Another one of the best polices that was brought about during the depression was the Civilian Conservation Corps, because although they were only making a dollar per day, they were learning a good work effort and unemployment dropped because of it. It was also beautifying the country in the process. Overall, I do believe that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a good man who brought many new and improved things to the United States. He was a good President and he improved the situation of the depression greatly. ...read more.

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