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Roosevelt Sources Questions

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Coursework 1.Source A is a speech made by Governor F. D. Roosevelt in 1930, when the Depression was really beginning to bite. He says that Central Government has a responsibility to those citizens who are in real trouble, or even starving, to help those people. Source B is another speech from Gov. Roosevelt, this time in1932, while campaigning to become President. He says that the times call for bold, sweeping changes that will involve the forgotten man at the bottom of the pyramid. He is promising to rebuild the nation, bottom up. Both these sources show that Roosevelt believed in the welfare state, in helping those not as fortunate as the higher classes, and in equality in society. This was in sharp contrast to the 'rugged individualism' policies operated by President Hoover and Congress. 2. i) In source C he says that if the situation occurred that he would have to spend more funds on the people of America he would even if it would unbalance the budget. However in source D he says that the current government is wasting money on doing such things, they didn't anticipate the dire needs and reduced earning power of the American people. ...read more.


This was because the majority of his polices helped the poor and not the rich or upper class. Source K simply illustrates this point. In the picture there are two children one boy one girl both in school uniform and thus suggesting that they go to a public school and of the upper class, the boy has written Roosevelt on the pavement and the girl is saying to her mother "Mother Wilfred Wrote a Bad Word". This implies that the mother has taught her children the Roosevelt is a bad word or person. This shows us that she must hate Roosevelt and tries to deny her children the fact that he is president. Source L says how Roosevelt is going to take America so far down the suicidal road that all men will loose their freedom and will not have any rights to oppose the government like a dictatorship, Hoover meaning another Nazi Germany. Herbert Hoover truly hates Roosevelt if he believes he will do this. There is no reason for this hatred in the source but it is clear that Hoover does not want Roosevelt to be the next president if he believes that he will kill men's' freedom by taking away the supreme courts independence the last safe guard of free men. ...read more.


Even Roosevelt says that no human liberties were lost in the building of this dam. All of the sources except for J, K and L support the statement, and so I can see no reason to doubt the fact that it was Roosevelt that gave the American people hope and confidence and brought them out of the swamps of depression to a revived and prosperous America. It seems that Roosevelt's system of "taking from the rich to give to the poor" worked, he had the support of a very large majority through out his reign as president of America. "It was the hopeful voice of FDR that got us out of the swamps" an excellent statement that is backed up well by the sources provided. It may have more meaning on the radio broadcasts that Roosevelt gave to the American people but it does still describe the way in which he got America back on its feet and into the world economy once more as one of its leaders. If it was not for Roosevelt the U.S dollar $ may not be as strong as it is today, he was a truly great leader who would stop at nothing to give his people what they wanted to benefit them and him with huge popularity the population of America were probably sad to see Roosevelt leave the white house. ...read more.

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