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Russia in the mid-19th century

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Nick Armitt 12 SHN Russia in the mid-19th century Russia in the middle of the 19th century was a Tsarist Russia; it's Tsar being Alexander the II. The time was a tsarist Russia, the tsar being like an emperor. He was at the top of a pyramid that was the class system. At the time lord's had a type of Russian slave called a serf, these and state peasants took the bottom with just under 85% of the population being one or the other. ...read more.


Russia at this time had many problems. It was hard to grow food and get natural resources, as most of Russia was in permafrost. This permafrost also made the already difficult job of communication even harder. Communication was hard due to Russians living in rural areas, and the big cities being so far away, and the roads were still in their infancy. ...read more.


This meant big gaps in land and therefore hard to defend, and the army was mostly made up of serfs, and these being slaves, there was always the fear of a revolt. Serfs were slaves, and this meant they were owned by nobles or a landlord. These were a lower class than even the state peasants. The serfs would not be emancipated until 1962 by Tsar Alexander II. These farmed the land, which was hard for a Russia that's main work is agricultural and behind countries like England by about 100 years. ...read more.

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