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Russia Revision Guide

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Revision Guide A. The Russian Empire in 1900 1. Russia is a very big but most of it is too cold to be useful. In the Arctic Circle the land is tundra where little grows. South of this is the taiga, or pine forest. Only in the south is the land warm enough for farming. 2. In 1900 the cold also affected trade because much of the coastline was frozen for half the year and there were a few icebreakers. However, the Trans-Siberian Railway was being built to improve trade between eat and west. 3. The Russian Empire contained many people, the Majority of them non-Russian e.g. ...read more.


Opponents of the Tsar were dealt with by police force, the Okhrana. Rebellions and riots were put down by the Churches. 3. The church in Russia, the Orthodox Church, supported the government by encouraging Russians to be loyal to the tsar and to respect authority C. Russian Society 1. Peasants in Russia had been s..s until 1861 when Tsar Alexander freed them. At the same time as being freed, peasants had their farming land put under communes, the m..s. Peasants who wanted to buy the land they farmed had to pay for it in forty-nine installments over the next fifty years. ...read more.


D. The opponents of the Tsar 1. Some opponents used terrorism to try to destroy the autocracy, e.g. the Peoples Will killed Alexander II in 1881. 2. Most of the Tsar's opponents belonged two parties, which wanted revolution. One was the Socialist Revolutionary Party, which wanted the peasants to own all land. The other was the Social Democratic Party, which followed the ideas of Karl Marx and wanted a communist society. 3. In 1903 the Social Democrats split into two groups, the Bolsheviks led by Lenin and Mensheviks led by Martov. 4. Other opponents of the Tsar included liberals who wanted a British style of democracy, with the Tsar sharing power with an elected president. E. The 1905 revolution 1. Russia was defeated in a war against Japan in 1904-5 ...read more.

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