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russia: what happened to the romanov family question C and D

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Russia what happened to the Romanov family Question C and D c) Source D must be reliable because it is an eyewitness account. Do you agree? Source D is an eyewitness account this does not necessarily make it reliable, there a number of factors to consider, one being who it was that wrote the source. In this case in was the 'Whites' who may or may not have altered what Pavel Medvedev said to suit them. The source also says that he was probably tortured this could alter the information he gave. Also the eyewitness himself maybe lying, this could be the case because he said in the interview that he was on the street when the tsar was shot. ...read more.


Source F shows a photograph of the basement in the Ipatiev house where the tsar was supposedly shot. The walls have bullet holes in them and the floor is blood stained. This shows that an act of violence had had defiantly taken place here. It is impossible to tell however whether or not it was the murder of the tsar and his family just by looking at the picture, we can only assume this by the information given in other source such as when sergeyev says "were shot in the Ipatiev House" [source A]. As a source it does not help us to answer key questions like who was murdered, who the murderers were and when they were murdered. ...read more.


Source H is could also be seen as biased as Judge Sokolov was also a Tsarist and appointed by the 'Whites'. The information given in the source however does not give any indication of being one sided. Sources F, G and H agree on many facts. They all show that there is a door in the right hand corner of the room. Also sources G and H both show that guards surrounding the Romanov family backing them against the far wall, This information would fit in with source f and explain the blood stained wall and bullet holes. None of the sources on there own would be particularly useful but used in conjunction with each other and other source a historian would could find them invaluable. ...read more.

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