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Russian revolution sources paper

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The Russian Revolution a) From source A I can learn that the Tsar was incompetent and disorganised, as source A states "Nicholas II was very poorly prepared for the responsibilities of being the Tsar.". I can also learn that due to the Tsars ignorance of politics and the people of Russia, he couldn't make the right decisions to help the country. Source A suggests that Tsar Nicholas II wasn't very popular, due to the fact he didn't know how to run the country or help the people in need of financial and medical support (the lower classes and peasants). I can also suggest from Source A that the whole country was in disarray, that no-one was equal because Tsar Nicholas II didn't know how to run the country or make the desperately needed decisions that would benefit the country as a whole. ...read more.


in source B it shows a photograph of Tsar Nicholas II with is many supporters celebrating the 300 years of rule of the Romanov family, showing that he still had support when the picture was taken in 1913. Source C and B differ from each other because in Source C, the Tsar's sister says that Nicholas wasn't a good ruler of Russia, and that he was trained as a soldier not as a statesman. Yet in Source B, he is shown surrounded by his many supporters cheering him and his whole family. Surely if they didn't like him then they wouldn't be happy he was in power, (however, there are probably only the upper classes involved in the celebration as the Tsar hasn't done anything to anger them whereas he didn't treat the lower classes well at all.) ...read more.


I can learn from Source E that the people felt that the government was not making the right choices, and that they were being forced into forming revolutionary groups by the government. This source's reliability could be questioned as it was written by a party opposing the Tsar as a speech, so the aim of the speech was to turn people against the current Tsarist government and to support theirs. Also, as it was written as a speech its meant to persuade and motivate the listeners, so some aspects of it may have been exaggerated. Overall, I think that Source E is more useful in telling us how discontented the people were with the Tsarist government, as it's more detailed in its explanation and shows human emotion on the situation. However, I believe that Source D is the more reliable of the two as, because it's a photo, we can be sure the events captured on film actually happened. ...read more.

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