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Saint Louise de Marillac

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Saint Louise de Marillac Saint Louise de Marillac was born on August 12, 1591 near Meux, France. Louise was born into a prominent French family. She was sent to a boarding school, which was run by the Dominican Nuns. While at school, she had a desire to become a nun. During confession, she told her confessor she had a deep desire to become a nun, but he advised her to marry. After her confession, she was arranged to be married to a man named Antony LeGras. He was an official in the Queen of France's service. They were married in 1613. Within a year of the marriage, the couple had a son. ...read more.


He became her friend and confessor. She devoted the rest of her life working with him and serving others. In 1633, Louise set up a community for women who wanted to devote their lives to the common good. This was the beginning of the Daughters of Charity. Their main purpose was to serve poverty-stricken, the sick, and the leopards of society. Louise became a nun in 1634. After she became a nun, she attracted many women who wanted to be part of the Daughters of Charity. Louise became Mother Superior of the cloister. Louise continuously devoted her life to the needs of others until her death. She traveled all over France establishing her Daughters of Charity in hospitals, orphanages, and other communities. ...read more.


She is the patron saint of disappointing children, loss of parents, people rejected by religious orders, sick people, social workers, Vincentian Service Corps, and widows. I mainly chose the name Louise for my late grandmother. I also chose the name because St. Louise de Marillac possesses many admirable characteristics. She was a kind and compassionate woman who devoted her entire life to her family and the needs of others. She touched the lives of those who were treated as leopards of society. Louise also had a strong, faith in God. Whenever she was in a time of doubt, she would turn to God for help and guidance. I will strive to emulate St. Louise. I will do this by trying to put the needs of others before my own and help those most in need. ...read more.

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