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Saltaire provided a standard of living that was better than normal min-19th century life. Do you agree? Explain your answer.

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Saltaire provided a standard of living that was better than normal min-19th century life. Do you agree? Explain your answer. The aim of the piece of coursework is to compare and contrast the lives of the working class living in Saltaire and other industrial towns such as Bradford and Halifax. I will describe how the quality of life in Saltaire is far in excess of that of most other towns. The first thing I want to describe is the housing facilities. Generally the houses in Saltaire were cleaner, safe and nicer than the ones in Bradford. Compared to the slums that made the houses in Bradford, Saltaire provides plumbing and clean water. The inhabitants no longer had to drink dirty, polluted water that came from a river that had been polluted with human and animal sewerage and "is the colour of ink" - source 6. ...read more.


In comparison, the houses in Saltaire were well planned, light and airy. They also have a nice atmosphere and were aesthetically pleasing. The roads were wide and let a lot of light in. Unlike the littered slums in Bradford, the streets in Saltaire were clean. Each occupant made sure that the stretch of path in front of their house was cleans and "a real effort was made to provide healthy and sanitary conditions " - source 2. Instead of the privy that polluted the streets, overflowed and was share by a whole neighbourhood, each house in Saltaire had its own outside toilet in the back garden making it "a healthier place to live in" - source 11. The Saltaire institute provided a recreational place where you did not have to get drunk to pass the time. Also because of this there were less drunkard brawls and disputes. ...read more.


The hospital in Saltaire was a novelty. If you lived in Bradford you would not have a hospital in such a close proximity. Depending on where you lived you may have to walk for miles to your nearest hospital. All the streets in Saltaire were open-ended, they all ended in views. Not all views of more, like in Bradford, but views of countryside, trees and nature. This gave Saltaire a pleasant atmosphere that the centre of Bradford was no match for. One of the strict rules enforces was that you were not allowed to hand your washing out. For this there were conveniences. These conveniences were wash and bath houses, Board school, Sunday school, station and others. There were also allotments supplied that made growing vegetables and plants possible. From the evidence I have gathered, I believe that Saltaire provided a standard of living that was far in excess of other towns in England. Sir Titus Salt provided his workers with a village that was clean, safe and healthy. It was, as Jack Reynolds put "full of possibilities!" ...read more.

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