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Short term causes of the second world war Why did the French and British fail to stop Hitler You can't say that there was one dominant reason for the establishment of World War Two

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Short term causes of the second world war Why did the French and British fail to stop Hitler You can't say that there was one dominant reason for the establishment of World War Two. This was because there were many short term causes of the second world war but I am only going to name and look at a few. The first cause leading up to the War was in 1936, then the last was in 1939. I will introduce the main critical causes in order of hierachy. I will try to explain why the British abd French failed to stop Hitler on so many times. 1)You could say that this one was the most significant cause because it was the cause that started Hitlers ego off. It all began in March 1936 when the Rhineland was invaded by Germany. There were many reasons for this particular action, one of which was that because Hitler was building up an army and secretly getting ready for a war he needed all the people he could. ...read more.


Hitler had been planning a full war between countries like France and Britain but nothing was done to stop Hitler's armies from invading. The French and British governments just wanted to avoid the start of any war. Hitler now was even more wrapped up in the thought of ruling the world by invading more countries with ease. 3)This third cause was where the British and French got a bit more concerned with what was happening. In October 1938 Germany wanted to take over Sudetenland, an area on the Czechoslovak border. This was another of the nearby countries that spoke German so was on the top end for Hitlers retrieval after having it taken away by the Versailles treaty; he believed that all German - speaking countries should belong to Germany. Through the passing years before hand the Btritish an French had made a commitment that if and when Czechoslovakia was invaded by Germany they would help protect and fight with them. ...read more.


Hitler wanted to join the two bits together to make Germany whole again. All he would have to do was attack and invade. He had done it four times before without any opposition why would this time be any different? But once Britain and France found out what he was planning they couldn't stand it any more and decided to come face to face with Germany. Hitler had gone too far. Britain and France promised to protect and fight with Poland and this time they really meant it. Just two days after the invasion of Poland by Germany on the 3rd of September 1939 Britain and France stepped in by declaring war on Germany. This was the beginning of the Second World War. So as you can see the British and French did not really fail ethically but physically. Britain and France were just much more settled countries at the time without a greedy leader that Germany got. In a way Britain and France were a lot better than Germany by containing their anger and for trying to stop Germany with their actions. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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