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Show how Kennedy dealt with the social divisions when he became president.

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Essay Question: Show how Kennedy dealt with the social divisions when he became president. John F Kennedy was elected president of the United States of America in 1960 but did not take office until 1961. One of the first things Kennedy did was to endorse the peaceful sit-ins at "whites only" cafes and services conducted by the SNCC and promised a Civil Rights bill. These first movements caused the Supreme Court to rule that the ICC had to end but segregation, and that ruling would be enforced. In the summer of 1961 Robert Kennedy (Attorney General) held a conference with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples), the SNCC ( ) ...read more.


Local police commissioners such as Eugene 'Bull' Conner set dogs and firehoses on black protesters who refused to disperse. This event was publicized on television increasing the general public view that something should be done about equal rights. Kennedy knew that if he was going to achieve any major milestones in getting equal rights for blacks he was going to have to set out some guidelines for improvement, these were the New Frontiers, based around the ideas of the Beveridge Report in Britain. They were organized into three main groups, Economy, Social Welfare and Civil Rights. Kennedy invested in industry by reducing taxes, and therefore controlling inflation. ...read more.


Kennedy was dedicated to improving civil rights for everyone during his term as president. He filled several posts in Congress with black Americans and set up a committee for equal employment in march 1961. Kennedy named and shamed 50 cases in 4 states where black Americans were denied the right to vote. When James Meredith (a black American student) was prevented entrance to university in Mississippi, Kennedy sent US marshals to escort Meredith to and from the university. In June 1963 Kennedy put forwards a Civil Rights package which proposed to ban discrimination in employment and to give equal voting rights and access to public housing for everyone. ...read more.

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