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Somme Coursework

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3. Study Sources D E & F. How useful are Sources D E and F in helping you to understand why the public at home supported the war? These three sources help us understand why the public at home supported the war. The three sources combined are very positive and are always very calm. Firstly, Source D is an extract from a book. The extract was taken from "The first years of the great war". It was published in London 1916 already becoming biased as it is all English. The extract provides a very real clue as to why the general public, waiting at home would be behind the war. The author gives a bright description of the British soldiers. ...read more.


The writer says they didn't "falter" as they reached the Germans. He describes them as brave and advancing through the war easily. He mentions they attack in "Line after line". This makes the public at home feel secure as they think that not many British soldiers are dieing. They get this image from a few words, "didn't falter as they advanced, and move steadily as if on parade before the King, Heroes all." This creates an unreal image in the readers mind as this is not actually happening in the war. Source E was a last letter written by Lieutenant John Raws on 19th August 1916. The person who wrote the letter shortly died during the Battle of the Somme. ...read more.


Source F, is an extract from a film. This was to show the public at home not to worry as everything was going in England's favor. The reason why they did this was for propaganda. The film had many real pictures however some of the footage was edited and made less violent removing a lot of deaths of the British soldiers Another vital aim for this film was to reassure the public at home the "reality" of the war. The film was made to make the public at home think that the British soldiers were on top and advancing through the war with ease. Sources D and F were to boost the support from the public at home and back the war. All three sources left out the horrific description of the war which was really occurring. ...read more.

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