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Source based discussion on Ireland.

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Ireland Coursework 1. Source D: A Roman Catholic describes her school days. On its own this source does not have sufficient evidence and does not explain why the army was sent to Ireland by the British. However 'she disliked the English all of her family had suffered at the hands of the British' in that quote she could be could be revealed as a biased women against the English and that many other Roman Catholics could be biased and it says ' she was very keen about Irish' so the type could be cultural. 'Her view was that they weren't Irish' this quote tells me that she wasn't very religious but she was very Irish. This extract was written by a Roman Catholic student about her vice principal. Although it does not mention why the troubles broke out in 1969 it does help a little because we know it was written in 1969 but the actual time could have before. Also Roman Catholics disliked and distrusted the English and the Protestants. Source E: A protestant cartoon. This source shows a female bound in ropes by a male. In this case the female is representing Erin (Ireland) ...read more.


This could be propaganda created by the Catholics to make Catholics hate Protestants more. This is a short term cause because this photograph taken was 1 year before the troubles broke out. This source does help a bit in why the troubles broke out. I don't think this source has sufficient evidence. Source I: Crowd violence as loyalists ambush civil rights marchers at burntollet in January 1969. This source could help a little in understanding why the troubles broke out. This source doesn't tell us why they were marching and it doesn't tell us how many times they marched and got attacked, these are short term reasons about why troubles broke out in 1969. This source could have been the event that triggered the troubles to start. The two divisions between Catholics and Protestants were getting worse. On its own this source does not have enough evidence to tell us why the troubles broke out in 1969. This source could be biased because the civil rights marchers could have provoked the loyalists. Source J: Sources D J collectively are not sufficient in my opinion. The sources do help by telling some of the long term causes and a couple of the short term causes. The long term causes are sources D, E, F, G. ...read more.


So there is no longer a strong suspicion that any of the victims held or were near weapons. Source C- ITN news report An interpretation from this report could be that the army was going to murder people from when they got into the bog side Derry. Another interpretation from an English civilian saw soldiers firing first randomly and nobody was carrying a weapon or shot at the soldiers. Another interpretation from Father Daly a Catholic priest says the Roman Catholics were unarmed and saw the British paratrooper's murder 13 civilians. A different interpretation from the army. The army saying there were armed men and Catholics saying they were unarmed but a few I.R.A men eye witnesses and photograph and the I.R.A fired but only after shot at. The army may have been telling the truth or maybe they were trying to cover up the fact that they murdered innocent people they may have done this because they would have been sent to prison. The Catholics may be telling the truth and they were not in possession of weapons or they could be looking for sympathy from people. Another interpretation is the first shots 3 fired by British but warning shots, maybe I.R.A thought they were shot at. 13 people were shot at only 1 person had any connection with the I.R.A. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Northern Ireland 1965-85 section.

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