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Source based questions on Stalin.

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Q.A These sources all give different impressions of Stalin. They were all created around the same time (1930's). Source A is a cartoon, which was published in France. It shows Stalin looking upon heaps of skulls, which represent the results of his policies, looking rather proud and unaffected by this. Giving the impression that he is evil and has no remorse of these deaths that he caused. According to the cartoonist Stalin's policies murdered thousands of people but if the artist was French, which he most probably was because of its place of publishing, then this could be a one sided piece of evidence because France thought communism was a terrible way of life. Despite the humour and propaganda in this source it does make a good statement; Stalin did cause a huge amount of deaths under his dictatorship and this source shows that. ...read more.


in source B; it also shows a softer image and shows that he is considerate and grateful for what they have done. This photo proves that Stalin was a much-loved leader and was looked up to by the civilians. Source B and C are different in content but both have similar impressions and are probably different to A because they had to be approved by Stalin himself. Source A is the odd source out because Source A only describes the results of his policies and not his popularity with the people, therefore not contradicting source B and C because they portray different ideas. But in spite of this, Source A, B and C all show that Stalin is the decision-maker and the centre of attention. Q.B This source was written by Stalin so is most probably biased to give him a good image of being a caring and compassionate man. ...read more.


The source shows an ulterior motive as well because he writes "it seems to me that the lack of concern our leaders show towards the people is the same attitude I met in far off Siberia". Here he is trying to make the impression that other Russian leaders do not respect the life of the Russian people whereas he does. This to me proves why he wrote this article which has no documented proof of its actual occurrence. Stalin not only wrote this source because it shows him as a leader who is communicating with his public but he wrote it to alleviate his cruel image to the public. In addition to this he wanted to look more compassionate than other leaders at the time. This source is very beneficial to a historian because it demonstrates how he will go to any means to look better than he really is and to make other leaders look incompetent. Username : OBIOZOCI ...read more.

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