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Source H is a letter written to Roosevelt by a member of the American public in 1936 to thank Roosevelt for solving their financial problems.

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Question 5 Source H is a letter written to Roosevelt by a member of the American public in 1936 to thank Roosevelt for solving their financial problems. The letter says that a government man managed to persuade the bank to extend their loan and got their furniture back. The letter is very personal; it opens with 'This is just to let you know that everything is alright now.' And it seems that the writer has written to Roosevelt before as it says 'You remember I wrote to you about losing the furniture.' This makes Roosevelt seem friendly and it looks like Roosevelt has solved the problems the writer single-handedly, "I have never heard of a President like you". The writer of the letter seems to be in awe of Roosevelt and this is one of the possible reasons why the letter was used in Roosevelt's 1936 election campaign. The author is an old man and shows this with 'my wife and I are old folks and don't amount to much.' ...read more.


'No more breadlines we're glad to say, the donkey won the election day' is the next line, the donkey is the Democratic party, of which Roosevelt was leader, so this line is saying that because Roosevelt and the Democrats won the election there will be no more unemployment for most people, the singer seems to believe that Roosevelt and his New Deal are successful and will get the economy of the country back on track and get everyone employed. The closing lines of the song are 'He's got things in full sway, we're all working and getting our pay, We've got Franklin D. Roosevelt back again.' So the singer obviously believes that because of Roosevelt the country is on the way up and that the New Deal is working. The two sources are both very positive towards Roosevelt and the New Deal but they are not necessarily good indicators of what public opinion was like towards Roosevelt and the New Deal. Source H is a letter from a member of the public so should be a good indicator of what the public thought, but this is not ...read more.


This means that Source I is again the more reliable source because Source I is unbiased whereas there is the possibility that Source H is and also Source H is not a good indicator because it would be the most favourable and not the typical mail that Roosevelt received. The sources were written at different times, Source h was written before the 1936 presidential elections as it was used in Roosevelt's campaign but Source I was sung after the elections in 1936. This shows that Source I is a better indicator to public opinion about the New Deal because when Source H was written public opinion was probably for Roosevelt but it may not have been as Roosevelt had yet to be elected for a second term, however Source I was sung after the 1936 elections, which is a time that we know Roosevelt had support from the American people in because he won the election with a landslide victory so it was obvious that at this time public opinion was for the New Deal. Therefore I believe that Source I is a more reliable indicator of public opinion than Source H. ...read more.

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