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Source N exemplifies the troubles that took place in Northern Ireland in 1971 to the present time.

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NORTHERN IRELAND COURSEWORK [Question 7] Source N exemplifies the troubles that took place in Northern Ireland in 1971 to the present time. From the picture in source N we can acknowledge that there are 5 people on top of a building. We can see that, the pope, the politician, a poor catholic man and the woman hiding her child are all going in one direction except the terrorist with a gun and dynamites is going the opposite way trying to create problems. Furthermore there's like a staircase on top of the building and the people are going round and round to reach peace, but the stairs aren't going no where and so due to that this gives us a hint that the peace process might not work. In addition another possible hint of the peace process diminishing is that there is a big hole in the building and if any person falls in the hole the peace process might not succeed. On the sides of the building it says: "REM 1690 ULSTERS" This is when the battle of Boyne took place. ...read more.


Petrol bombs were thrown on 96 occasions and 403 were sized from the police. For the peace process to work, this idea of releasing the prisoners early was considered so that they could be involved with it. But then also terrorist groups, such as the loyalists, who did not de-commission anything and there was a possibility that prisoners would go back to where they came from and continue on with their violence. This could have been the danger that the peace agreement might not succeed. IRA destroyed many weapons without involving other groups to de-commission as well. The IRA leadership put a "varied and substantial" quantity of ammunition, arms and explosive material beyond use. Although it was said that the IRA only de-commissioned so that Sinn Fein could get more votes and win the general elections. In addition David Trimble also wanted the Loyalist Paramilitaries to start their own process of de-commissioning. According to a source it was said that unless a fair trial is done for the events of Bloody Sunday there would "never be peace". ...read more.


But they were caught when Mi:5 agents met the IRA members in a restaurant dressed up as the Iraqi officials and were then arrested. In conclusion we can learn that although many peace processes have taken place, except for the Good Friday Agreement, which so far has been successful, the rest have been relatively ineffective, although there has been the use of violence during the agreement, which was a great threat to the peace process. From my point of view I agree with what the cartoon in source N is trying to say because the way things are going now in Northern Ireland there's not much hope for the Agreement to be successfully succeeded in the future reason being that from the terrorist groups, members aren't prepared to give in, they want their own ways; such as the weapons deal and for terrorist activities, there's not much compromising taking place with the extremist groups. For instance in the picture in source N, the terrorist is going the opposite way trying to blow something up and that's what's happening these days or the recent months. Fanatical groups are trying to gain these weapons to get their own way. OMAR PERVEZ -1- ...read more.

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