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Sourced based essay on the Mormons

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History Course work 1. From the information on source A, you can see that settlement is in a gridiron pattern which shows the town is well organised. We can learn that the Mormon settlement is quiet and tranquil, this is because there are not many people or wagons around and the place were the settlement is based. From the source it is clear that the town is based around religion, as there is a big church on the left-hand side of the source. Because there is only one religion in Salt Lake City it shows a high community spirit, this is backed up by the peacefulness of the settlement. History Course work 2. Within Source B you can read some of the difficulties faced by early mining towns. The town of Bannok is a good example of the difficulties faced by the mining towns. Bannok was set up in Montana for the gold rush if 1862, as many minors came, many villains arrived as well, this proved a great difficulties because not many people in Bannok knew "each other and who to trust". Because of this the "roughs" took advantage and become "organised and under the leadership of able villain, Henry Plummber". As the "roughs" were so organised compared to "the respectable citizens" it would some times seem that they were able to "run things to suit themselves. ...read more.


The evidence is primary because it dates from this period but is sketchy in some places. There is no date or place of where the incident happened which would normally make me question the evidence. This source is useful because it shows the problem that faced law and order, the vigilantes, isn't reliable because has no place or date. Source F is a piece of writing by author and Journalist Mark Twain describing Virginia City. The description writes about the good things of Virginia City, "fire companies, banks, a mayor" are some of the things but then comes to somewhat of an anti-climax with "...and some talk of building a church". This comment is useful in saying about problems in the west, but not law and order. Overall I think that a source D, E and F are good finding out about fundamental problems of law and order in the west but doesn't always have the evidence to back it up. A source D talk of a bank raid with dates and the place but is an artist's impression, creating an image of lawlessness. Source E is the primary evidence of the notice on the body of a dead man killed by the vigilantes, this is good because it's a primary piece of evidence but has no date or place. ...read more.


Many minors' courts also dealt with crime, criminals and debts and in some cases they even elected a judge and jury. This is a sign of the battle against lawlessness so source G is not fair comment in this case. Source E is an example of a notice hung around the neck of a murdered man who was killed by the vigilantes; the notice states that other murders should 'take warning' or 'the fate that this brute has met awaits you'. Although the vigilantes killed people they were only trying to enforce the law, which is a sign of them wanting organisation but they didn't know the right way to achieve this. Another disadvantage to the Idaho Settlers was that Idaho never became a state until 1890 even though the state of Idaho had 2 big mining spots in Silver City, which was first mined in 1862 and Elk City, which was first mined in 1861. This was also strange as other mining places of the west such as Oregon and California became states quickly at 1859 and 1850 respectively. Although other stats did Idaho never got the backing of the government so never had the organisation to set up a community in quick time. Because of this evidence it is fair to say that the early settlers of the west were to blame partly for the lawlessness in the west but the government were to blame in some part as well Simon bell ...read more.

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