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Sources A and B. Which of these two sources would an historian studying Kristallnacht find the more useful ?Fritz Hesse a journalist who worked for the Nazi Party wrote source A.

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Study Sources A and B. Which of these two sources would an historian studying Kristallnacht find the more useful ? (7 Marks) Fritz Hesse a journalist who worked for the Nazi Party wrote source A. Hesse infers that Goebbels planned Kristallnacht, and the SA executed the events of Kristallnacht on his orders, so it was not a spontaneous attack. This is backed up in the source: 'Goebbels explaining about a mass attack which he and the SA were going to launch'. Whilst Hitler was not actually part of the plan, he was nevertheless delighted by these events. The source infers this by saying that 'Hitler squealed with delight and slapped his thigh with enthusiasm'. Hesse wrote his account in 1954, which makes it hindsight. ...read more.


Furthermore, the source was written after the War, so he would have been uncensored, as he didn't have the worry of being sent to a concentration camp. Although, Hesse may have been moving himself away from the Nazi's by showing Hitler and the Nazi's in a bad position. What's more, Goebbels knew that an Anti -Semitic attack would please Hitler. It is also true that Goebbels was 'out of favour with Hitler', at this time, because he had a public affair with a rebellious actress, and Hitler was not happy. From this it is clear that Goebbels was 'trying to win back Hitler's support'. Source B is an extract from a secret report prepared by the Nazi Supreme Court, after the events of Kristallnacht. ...read more.


In this way, it was clear that the Nazi's themselves would not even admit that the attacks on the Jews had officially been organised by the party itself, and were instead the Nazi's were trying to distance themselves from the event of Kristallnacht altogether. To conclude, both sources A and B show Nazi support for the events of Kristallnacht. When a historian investigates source B, they would have to consider that although it has more of a political purpose hat source A, it was clearly written to make the mass genocide seem a spontaneous uprising of the German people. Thus, a historian would find source A, more useful because I does not appear to have been written for any particular purpose other than to disclose the truth. This in my opinion would no make the source subjective, because it is explain the facts as they are. ...read more.

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