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South Africa - Sharpeville Q4

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Q4) Which is more useful as evidence of what happened at Sharpeville, Source E or Source G? [7] Source E is written by Humphrey Tyler and is about the events at Sharpeville later on the day. Source G is a photograph of the crowds fleeing at Sharpeville and is based at the same time as Source E. Source G was taken by Tyler's photographer so the two sources share the same provenance. In this answer, I aim to compare two sources of a different nature, a written source (E) and a visual source (G), to find out which one is more useful as evidence of what happened at Sharpeville. There are useful aspects of Source E, e.g. ...read more.


Tyler worked at 'Drum', a magazine for black men, which was against apartheid, which would make his article biased. However, there are less useful aspects of Source E. It is definitely written from a subjective and partial viewpoint, so shows only one side of the story. Tyler uses emotive language in an attempt to persuade people how awful the 'massacre' was. Tyler was defending protestors and so his article is written from their view point. Overall, this source is still useful despite being unreliable. There are also useful aspects of Source G, e.g. it is unlikely that a photograph would have been tampered or altered. The source is also factual. It shows crowds fleeing from the police station where police in Saracens are shooting at them. ...read more.


Also, although the photograph shows people running, you cannot tell why they are running. Overall, although this source offers only a snapshot of what happened at Sharpeville, it is still useful. In conclusion, both sources are equally useful as evidence of what happened at Sharpeville. They are both different types of sources so it is impossible for one to be more useful than the other. Together, Sources E and G validate and support each other, making each other more useful. This is because the two sources share the same provenance. Source E could be biased, but Source G corroborates with it, making it more useful. Therefore, sources E and G are most useful when they are put together because then they show a more complete picture of what happened at Sharpeville that day. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 2 Rachel Redman ...read more.

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