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Speech on Christopher Columbus

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´╗┐Christopher Columbus Script 1st slide: Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa between August and October 1451. His father was a weaver and small-time merchant. As a teenager, Christopher went to sea, travelled extensively and eventually made Portugal his base. He then attempted to find a faster route to Asia in order to trade. His crew wanted to turn back as they did not sight land for a long time. Ten weeks later, land was sighted. On 12 October, Columbus and a group of his men set foot on an island in what later became known as the Bahamas. After returning to Spain he was dubbed a hero and ?admiral of the Seven seas?. Columbus landed on a number of other islands in the Caribbean, including Cuba and Hispaniola, and returned to Spain in triumph. ...read more.


Also if it had not been a Spanish man that had discovered the Americas at this moment and it had either been the French or English, the two other naval powers of the world, the course of history may have been different Slide 3: Was he an honourable man: Many know Christopher Columbus? arrival to America and his interactions with the people as a great "cultural encounter." Under this interpretation, Columbus becomes a sensitive genius thinking beyond his time in the passionate pursuit of knowledge and understanding. But when looking deeper into the history though he changed the world around him it is clear that Christopher Columbus was prejudiced and exploited the locals of area. The enslavement, torture, murder, and extermination of the native people of the West Indies followed quickly on the heels of Columbus and his men. ...read more.


In retaliation for these acts, few?if any?of which had actually occurred, he had his men round up over 1,500 Taino men, women, and children, then forced the Tainos into slavery and started what was to become the global slave trade ? a new revelation as though slave trade has been about since the dawn of manking never before were large numbers of slaves able for trade. Slide 4: Columbus made two further voyages to the newfound territories, but suffered defeat and humiliation along the way. A great navigator, Columbus was less successful as an administrator and was accused of mismanagement. He died on 20 May 1506 a wealthy but disappointed man. Slide 5: So now we face the question of whether Christopher Columbus truly deserves to be dubbed as a hero and celebrated throughout the USA annually. http://www.understandingprejudice.org/nativeiq/weather.htm ...read more.

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