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Speech On The Slave Trade

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History Speech: - Abolition of the Slave Trade Anne liceat invitos in servitutem dare? Para 1- How can we have let this happen? 6 months of disease and starvation, 6 months of torment, thinking of the life you once had, the life you should have. Imagine looking over the side of a ship towards your homeland, rapidly shrinking away into the distance. Can you envisage their pain? For 2 hundred years, these sons of Africa, would-be free men, were held captive in their minds, forced to work for no money and little food creating the tools to enslave their brothers, and what for? ...read more.


Freedom was a privilege to some, but to the slaves, it was inexistent. Generation after generation of blacks were forced into servitude, children, women and men. They were regarded, not as humans, but as things. These people, auctioneers, overseers, traders, tribe leaders, all these men are despicable. They have not only sold their people, their fellow humans, but also themselves. I could never understand how someone could stand back, watch someone's blood pool the ground, and, I ask again, what for? Para 3- Why do we stand back and let this evil pass by? I wonder how one act of malevolence can lower whole countries to levels beyond our knowing. ...read more.


Para 4- All these questions, and just one answer. How can we let this happen? We can stop it all by abolishing slavery. How can we ignore all the horrors committed on these humans? We can stop them by abolishing slavery. Why do we just stand back and let this evil pass by? We can step into their paths and help them home by abolishing slavery. It's the only way to climb from our knees, to pull out of this hole we have dug ourselves into. We should not have the power to control futures and cast a shadow over the lives of so many. We should steal the keys and unlock their freedom and their minds from the cages of man's will. By Naomi Sutcliffe 9x1 Miss Smith. ...read more.

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