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Stalin and Khrushchev Sources Questions

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Study source D How reliable is this source given that Stalin must have trusted Khrushchev. Use your knowledge of Stalin to explain you answer. (9) Khrushchev worked very closely under Stalin during his reign and was appointed to run agriculture by Stalin in 1949. When Stalin died in 1953 it left a very big gaping hole in the communist party, and after a long struggle Khrushchev came out on top in 1955. By 1956 Khrushchev had gained enough confidence to come out and attack Stalin and his policies in his "secret speech". Khrushchev would have never spoke out against Stalin when Stalin was in power because he would have been purged and also the public were under the cult of Stalin and would have never believed him. ...read more.


The source has to be put into context because even though Khrushchev was very close to Stalin at the time of his rule, Khrushchev is Stalin's successor. Any political successor to anybody will always feel pressured to do better than the previous leader, in order to do this they attack the previous leader to make themselves look better, this may have been what we are seeing in source D. He may of felt threatened because even after Stalin's death many people still worshiped Stalin, so Khrushchev may over exaggerate points to stop this worship and let the USSR forget about Stalin. The source suggests that Stalin did not trust anybody but I think that Stalin did trust Khrushchev. ...read more.


We know that this suspicion that Stalin created caused a lot of party members not to put forward ideas because they were afraid of being purged. The source could be considered unreliable because Khrushchev had many motives when he denounced Stalin; he wanted to put Stalin down to project a better impression of himself and to become the next great leader of the USSR. Khrushchev may have felt threatened by the impact of Stalin's rule that remained on the people of the USSR and if he were to gain any respect at all he would have to make himself out to be better than Stalin by denouncing Stalin. If Khrushchev had any chance of becoming the next great leader of the USSR then he would have to put down the last great leader of the USSR. ...read more.

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