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Stalin Assesment

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a) What were the five year plans? (4 marks) The five year plans were a set of plans which were drawn up between by the GOSPLAN who were a state planning agency. They set ambitious targets for production in vital heavy industries (coal, iron, oil, electricity). The plans were very complex but by 1929 everyone knew what they had to achieve. Stalin wanted to use the five year plans to achieve his goal of industrialising Russia and also he wanted to do this quickly. Also Stalin wanted industrialisation to improve Russia's agriculture. Stalin had wanted to prove the point that Communism did work. He also used the Five Year Plans to gain personal control of Russia's industry. b) Explain why Stalin introduced collectivisation? (6 marks) The idea of collectivization was that small farms would be gathered together to form one large massive one.Stalin introduced collectivisation for many different reasons. One of the main reasons and feed its population. ...read more.


c) How far did the Soviet Union benefit from Stalin's industrial and agricultural policies? Explain your answer. (10 marks) It is difficult to say exactly how much the Soviet Union benefited overall from Stalin's industrial and agricultural policies but it had two very different effects. Although there were many success of these policies as Rush benefited greatly financially and industrially but for these policies to be put into place Stalin used to strict measures to enforce them which resulted in the workers having to live tough and very difficult lives. The main benefit the Soviet Union received from Stalin's policies was that Russia, who had be a very backward country with regards to industry etc, became industrialised and very modern. And also Stalin managed achieve this very quickly, in a very short space of time. This rapid improvement to Russia as a whole was a much needed one as many people had been starving as Russia was undergoing a great struggle in feeding it over-populated population. ...read more.


One of the great tragedies that occurred due to Stalin's strict regime under the policies was from the building of the Belomar Canal where many workers died to the harsh conditions they were forced to work in. But deaths did not occur only here, many died because they simply were unable to cope with the constant working conditions. Also millions were killed during the great famine of 1932 to 1933 where the peasants and kulaks refused to give their land and animals to the government. Although the Soviet Union benefited greatly economically it suffered the cost of many lives and the happiness of many people. Even though it was a harsh few years the fact remains that by 1937 the USSR was a modern state and it was because of this that it was safe from defeat when Hitler invaded in 1941. So maybe the change was for good and this meant it saved Russia from what could be considered as more serious problems in the future. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stalin 4, 6 10 Assessment ...read more.

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