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Stalin Coursework

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Stalin Coursework 4.) Study sources G and H. Do you trust Khrushchev's assessment of Stalin? Use your knowledge of Stalin to explain your answer. Sources G and H are extracts taken from a speech made by Khrushchev in 1956. In source G Khrushchev is standing up for Stalin and defending his use of terror and executions. Khrushchev says, "We cannot say these were the deeds of a mad despot. ...read more.


Stalin did not care for the people, millions of people died because of his policies. His famous quote, "A single death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic." emphasised just how much he didn't care for the people that died by his actions. In source H, however Khrushchev is against Stalin and describes him as a bad person. ...read more.


Khrushchev's finishing statement is, "Everywhere he saw 'enemies', 'Double dealers' and 'spies'." In conclusion, I do not think that Khrushchev is sure of what he thought about Stalin. In source G he is defending Stalin's actions and in source H he is putting Stalin down. Khrushchev is unsure because Stalin was both good and bad. As a political leader he was great but as a man he was evil. This is why I do not think that Khrushchev's opinion of Stalin should be trusted. ...read more.

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