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Stalin - Source E and Source F are completely different to one another. One is biased in favour of Stalin and one is highly critical of him.

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3. Study Sources E and F. Which of these two sources is the more reliable? Explain your answer. Source E and Source F are completely different to one another. One is biased in favour of Stalin and one is highly critical of him. Source E is a politically correct speech in to the Congress which fits the model thinking required to gain the approval of Stalin. For this reason it was published in Pravda which was not a free paper but the paper of the Communist Party in power. The content is mythical and portrays a cult worship of Stalin. ...read more.


Bukharin had first hand knowledge of Stalin as he knew Stalin since he was a little boy and he was the one who brought down Trotsky as Lenin's successor and enabled Stalin to rise to power by eliminating all his rivals. He was the architect of the revolution. But later on Stalin turned on him because he saw him as a threat to his leadership. Stalin also knew that Bukharin knew that Lenin had specifically written that Stalin should not be his successor and had wanted Trotsky to succeed him. Not many people knew this and those that did were exterminated in the purges. ...read more.


Both sources are biased. Source E is totally not believable. It was written to Congress - a one-party system with no opposition. There was no freedom of speech so the writer could not write anything he wanted and it was written in the year after the purges had started. Source F is biased against Stalin but is more believable as it was written in Paris and there was no reason to lie rather there was good reason to inform the free world of what Stalin was really like. Bukharin might have exaggerated because he held a grudge against the man he had known and supported for so long who had then turned against him. Therefore I think Source F is more reliable. ...read more.

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