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Stalin Sources Questions

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Stalin Coursework 7.) Using all the sources in this booklet and your own knowledge explain why there has been so much disagreement about Stalin. There are many sources in the booklet that show Stalin to be a great leader, but on the other hand there are also many sources that show him to be a dark and evil man. For example sources B and C show Stalin doing good things. Source B is a painting of him stood with workers in front of a newly opened hydroelectric power station. Source C shows him congratulating the wives of army officers. Then there is source A, a cartoon, which shows him standing before millions of skulls stacked in the shape of the pyramids. ...read more.


Bukharin, who once supported Stalin, made a speech in Paris in 1936, but was a victim of Stalin's purges in 1938. Bukharin disliked Stalin greatly and spoke ill of him. Bukharin describes Stalin as being a, "narrow-minded, malicious man" and then he says, "no, not a man but a devil." My background knowledge tells me that what Bukharin said was true because Stalin saw every one as a threat. He disliked anyone he thought was better than him and most often that man wouldn't live. The speech in source E only talks about how great Stalin was and that he made Russia great again, but what it doesn't say is what it cost Russia to gain this power. ...read more.


Again, this source too describes Stalin as being nothing but a perfect man and leader. On the other hand Source L is also from a biography of Stalin but published in 1983 in Britain. This is one of the sources which is not biased and gives both sides of Stalin. The source says, "Stalin was a very skilled, indeed gifted politician... This does not mean that he was a good man. He had a dark and evil side to his nature." In conclusion Stalin did some great things in his time in power. However he also committed some monstrous atrocities during his time in power. The major disagreements about Stalin come from his atrocities and his leadership qualities. Some people believe he was a great politician and others believe he was an evil man. In actual fact he was both of these. ...read more.

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