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Stalin Sources Questions

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1. From source A I can tell that Stalin did not like the thought of any other opposition, and if there was any, he would soon enough sort them out. This is shown when it says, "If someone speaks better than he does, that man is for it!" He, Stalin wanted to convince others that he was better than anyone and everyone, and hated it when there was someone better than him. It tells us that whenever he is unhappy, he takes out his revenge on people because he cannot help it, "because of this unhappiness he cannot avoid taking revenge on people." It also shows that Stalin would not be threatened if there was something stopping other people from being better than him. In effect, this source is blaming Stalin for the purges because of his narrow-mindedness and in the last line, it shows the true feelings Bukharin had about Stalin when it says, "no, not a man, but a devil." 2. Sources A and B are by very different people who would offer very different opinions. Source A was written by a man called Bukharin, who was driven out of Russia by Stalin so as a result feels bitter towards him. ...read more.


This source is strongly anti-Stalin. I can tell this because when Deutscher was writing about Stalin's motives, he said Stalin wanted to "destroy the men who..." so he is exaggerating the language to try and persuade the reader. This source is not all that reliable because of this, but also because it is a secondary source and cannot be trusted. We do not know anything about I. Deutscher. Source E shows how many people perceived Stalin. It clearly shows how the courtroom was set up, and who was in control of the courtroom. In this cartoon we can see that according to people, Stalin was in control of everyone's position, and nobody else had a say in what happened. This meant that any trials that took place were not fair trials as Stalin had every say, and the final say. It is obviously an one-sided source against Stalin. The cartoon itself was published in Paris which at this time was the centre of opposition, so there would have been many influences on the final outcome of the picture. It is however a reliable source against Stalin. 4. Source G partially agrees with source F because they both talk about the horrendous conditions they were kept in for example in source F it says that she had "Seven days without food or sleep." ...read more.


Some of the worst labour camps were in the Kolyma region in the north-east. During the winter, the temperature can drop as low as -60 degrees Centigrade, and mercury froze in thermometers. The amount of food a zek received depended on the amount of work they did in any day. About 20% of all zeks in the camps died each year. From source I, we can see that "None of these achievements, however, excuses the many barbarities committed during his rule." From all of the sources we can see all of the things that were of great cost to the Soviet Union. Such things like collectivisation labour camps and the purges. This is shown in source A by the quote "he cannot avoid taking revenge on people...If someone speaks better than him, that man is for it!" which shows that Stalin can do nothing but take revenge. It is almost as if it is in his nature to take revenge by death. This is supported by source I when it says "the execution of thousands of so-called opponents." Stalin saw them as a threat to his leadership to have anybody being better than him at anything. 6. 7. 8. 9. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stefanie Purdy Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls GCSE Coursework Assignment Assessment Objective Three Stalin's Purges 1 ...read more.

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