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Stalin vs. Trotsky Why was it Stalin who succeeded Lenin,

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Stalin vs. Trotsky Why was it Stalin who succeeded Lenin, and not Trotsky Sometimes it may appear to be unusual that Stalin would overcome Trotsky. Stalin had a serious problem if he wanted to overcome, and that was Lenin's testament. When Lenin died, Trotsky seemed the most likely candidate to become the new leader, since he was a well-known figure and a popular man with the Red Army and the younger Party members, and Staling was not an intellectual or a very inspiring speaker like Trotsky was. Some communists thought of him as dull, mediocre and humorless. Stalin didn't even have Lenin's support, and he knew that his chances of becoming Lenin's successor were low but he made his effort to change that. Trotsky was so convinced that he found it amusing when he came to know his rival would be Stalin. Lenin had become very concerned about Stalin and his growing power. Lenin found out that in 1921, Stalin had brutally put down the Georgians. ...read more.


There was a great struggle for power between 2 wings of the party (left and right), and Stalin was in the middle. It was a battle of ideas as well as people. Left Wing- Zinoviev and Kamenev were old Bolsheviks who shared the same ideas as Trotsky, but they did not support him as they were worried he was to become a dictator. This side of the party wished to end NEP and to quicken the pace of industrialization using shock brigades of workers and force the peasants to produce the food they needed Right Wing- Bukharin had one of the best and most intelligent brains of the party. He was certain that the NEP was the way to progress, and to move forward. He thought that if the peasants became richer, they would buy more goods, which would help the industry grow. The right wing wanted to move slowly towards socialism. ...read more.


In 1929, Stalin celebrated his 50th Birthday as the undisputed leader of the USSR. Unfortunately for Trotsky, he had many weaknesses and Stalin was always gaining advantages and making the right moves. Trotsky has lots of bad luck. But he was also disliked by his colleagues since he was claimed to be arrogant, snobbish, too intellectual and superior. Things like the fact that Trotsky didn't even show up to Lenin's funeral also was a huge setback in him being successful. I believe Stalin was a much more dedicated man who really reached out for what he believed in, and he was very cunning who knew what he had to do to win and would do it at any cost even if it meant messing up someone else's life. Any obstacle in his way had to be taken out. He was more organized and had planned his overcoming, whilst Trotsky was too convinced and did not see Stalin as an obstacle in his path to success. ...read more.

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