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Stalin - Which of these two sources is more reliable?

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GCSE History Coursework Assignment 2. 3: Which of these two sources is more reliable? I think source E is not reliable because it is written for a speech, which was to be given to the congress of Soviets in 1935, this speech was also published in the Pravda, the newspaper of the communist party. These two things tell us that the source is unreliable, because it is an official speech and an official speech about Stalin will always be supporting him, because Stalin is the head of the government and he wouldn't criticize himself. "Every time I have found myself in his presence I have been overcome by his strength, his charm, his greatness", this statement shows the unreliability of this source ...read more.


He tries to portray himself as a god like figure that has came to Russia and drive it into the ways of the future. He wanted the people of Russia to see him as a strong revolutionary figure, who should be thanked by everyone and loved by all. I think that source F is unreliably but less so than source E. Source F is written by a Bukharin who is in exile in France. Bukharin is an old ally Stalin's of Stalin in 1926 when Stalin was climbing to power. Stalin & Bukharin worked together against Kamenev and Zinoviev, so they could get them expelled from the communist party. ...read more.


So source E is biased supporting Stalin because a person who supports Stalin has written it. Source F is biased because a person Stalin has betrayed has written it, lied to, had exiled from Russia and wants them killed, so he will be against Stalin. None of these sources can be completely believed because people with different points of view have written then and no source can be completely neutral. So, I think F is a more reliably source because although it has been written by a person who is against Stalin, but he also knows him very well, having been involved in his rise to power for five years. Page 1 of 2 pages. Philip. Gonsalves 07/05/07 ...read more.

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