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Stalins controll of Russia

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The most important reasons for Stalin's control of Russia were: i) The purges ii) The secret police iii) Propaganda How far do you agree? Stalin used the great purges to rid both the party, and the general public of all those he thought were disloyal, or could possibly be disloyal in the future. It was a fairly simple method of Stalin's to reinforce his position at the head of the party, by "purging" the entire country of anyone who could possible be a threat. It started off with high ranking party members such as Kamenev, Bukharin, and Zinoviev who were forced to confess to being traitors in great show trials, but later led to an estimated 500,000 other party members being arrested and either executed or sent to the gulags. ...read more.


Being able to remove those he saw as a threat was not Stalin's only weapon, he also had total control over the USSR's secret police. Initially called the OGPU and later the NKVD, the secret police checked up on everyone after the trials, and helped Stalin gain control over his people to such an extent that they would be afraid to even think of opposing him. People were encouraged to denounce their neighbours, even if the allegations were false, just to look loyal to Stalin. Over time, university lecturers, teachers, miners, engineers and farmers all felt the wrath of the NKVD, often for crimes they did not commit. Those who were spared knew this was under the single condition that they led the rest of their lives thinking exactly what Stalin wanted them to. ...read more.


Despite the fact that the 5 year plans were a great success, it is almost certain that some of the figures were falsified, to make them even more powerful when Stalin's propaganda teams shone them out to all corners of the world, depicting Stalin as a genius presiding over a great success story. With all possible enemies of Stalin erased, the Russian people were deluged with portraits, photographs and statues of their leader. Stalin appeared everywhere within everyday Russian life. Despite having ordered the deaths of millions, the people barely related him to the purges. The Soviet people believed in Stalin as their leader, either because they genuinely believed he was the true face of communism, or because they were so scared to even dare think of speaking their minds. Stalin had achieved his goal of total control over his people, and had even managed to maintain a decent level of trust from followers. ...read more.

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