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Stoke Bruerne coursework question 2 about sorces used

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Stoke Bruerne coursework Question 2 The name of the first source is the visit. The purpose of the source is to give us detailed information on how transport changed Stoke Bruerne. The source is primary. The source is very useful because you get to see the changes firsthand and the biggest source I used was the visit so you can collect the most information. The sources strengths are: you can get to see the changes firsthand, it gives you an access of a guide and you access detailed information. It cross - references with the Guidebook, which tells us in 1793, the work began on the Grand Union Canal. The British waterways leaflet tells us the museum was opened in 1963. ...read more.


However, a major weakness is that it is very limited in other information. It cross - references with the visit, which shows you George Savage was a landlord of The Navigation Inn, in 1874. Then George Savage was a corn miller and a farmer again which meant that the Navigation Inn became a farm again between 1874 - 1878. This particular source shows Stoke Bruerne through a legal document, which means it's certain the information is accurate. A historian would find the Whittaker Almanac useful to help their understanding because the source is primary and not many of the sources we looked at were. This source is called the canal company minutes and its purpose was to record the minutes of a meeting to see how they could compete with the railways. ...read more.


The purpose of the postcards was to create an image to draw people to Stoke Bruerne, as it was becoming a tourist attraction. One of the postcards is primary. This is because it's a real picture and the other postcard was secondary because it's trying to create an image to make Stoke Bruerne look a better place, without all of the smoke and pollution. They weren't very useful because they are quite old and one of them is only based on what someone thought Stoke Bruerne would have looked like. The sources strength's are for the first one is that it's primary and for the second one is it advertises Stoke Bruerne. The weaknesses are that they are not up to date and the second one is not an actual photograph and is a secondary source. ...read more.

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