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Study Source D and E and use your own knowledge. Why, despite the Suffragette activity, had women not gained the vote by the outbreak of the First World War

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Study source A What can you learn from source A about the reasons given by the suffragettes for demanding votes for women? Source A suggests that the suffragettes were demanding votes for women by highlighting how ridiculous the suffrage law was in 1912. The images on the poster show responsible, successful and hardworking women at the top of the page with the words "what a woman may be, and yet not have the vote" which states that women could become all of the images and still not have the vote. On the other hand, below the images of the women are another five images but showing the complete opposite. Lazy, arrogant men with the words "what a men may have been and not lose the vote" above the pictures. ...read more.


All of these women could become all of these things and make a difference to the country but they do not have the vote. The suffragettes used this poster as a peaceful way of protesting. I would have the vote for women so instead of the country being harmful for having the wrong people to have the vote when some of them aren't contributing towards their country, women having the vote could make it a better place. The other part of the poster quotes 'what a man may have been and yet not lose the vote'. This part is highlighting that not all men are Mayors, and Teachers, but that some of the male race are convicts, lunatics, Proprietor of white slaves and drunkards. A man in 1912 may have been a 'convict', but even though he has broken the law, and may beat up his wife and not be committed to his family, he still gets the votes. ...read more.


The next picture is of a soldier who is not well and unfit for service. This picture shows that this man cannot fight or defend his country, while a woman who has the power to make him better like a doctor/ teacher can't vote and he can. The very last photo is of a drunkard, who is lazy and doesn't contribute to helping himself or his family and does not take responsibility for his family unlike the mother who takes care of her children and supports her family unlike her husband who takes the money the family earn and gets drunk, but somehow he can vote and she can't. Overall, the poster is criticizing the law, because they are not respecting women by giving them the vote, while a nurse and factory-hand cannot. The law is unfair, and unequal. The law is ridiculous and this is why the suffragettes are demanding changes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bianca Chanell Orum ...read more.

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