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) Study Sources A, B and C Does Source C support the evidence of Sources A and B about The Suffragette campaign? Explain your answer.

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Q2) Study Sources A, B and C Does Source C support the evidence of Sources A and B about The Suffragette campaign? Explain your answer. In 1903, a new type of radical campaign organisation was set up called the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) known as the Suffragettes. It was led by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia. Later, in their campaign the WSPU adopted militant tactics, disrupting election rallies by shouting slogans like "Votes for Women" and "Deeds not Words". Many Suffragettes went to prison for this cause and in this essay I'm going to write, if the Source C supports A and B for the cause of the Suffragette campaign. On one hand, Source C supports with A because first they are both posters used as propaganda to promote their views, they each wanted their organisation to win over the other one. The propaganda poster would try and persuade people to support their cause which both organisations wanted. ...read more.


The father coming after a hard day work and see's what she has done, still she is not there after several hours. This can be proved she was away for long time because the candle light went off which can't be lit for hours. Both sources shows opposite views and each differ about the purpose of the message. Source A shows irresponsible men and responsible women but Source C is the opposite responsible men and irresponsible women. However, on the other hand, Source C supports Source B as they both were produced by the National Anti-Suffrage organisation in UK. This shows the Suffragettes were getting closer to get the right vote, which men didn't like. These men feared of long term effort which was the main issues. Source A, the father who came from work, see's the mother who left for two children alone in the house doing her work. She wrote a note "Back in hour or so" but she still was not there after an hour. ...read more.


Also Source c shows an irresponsible mother and opposing the woman's suffrage. It does not tell us or shows us about what the Suffragette campaign did, such as smashing paintings. There's no evidence of this, which both sources B and C shows. Overall, in my conclusion I believe that Source C supports with the most as evidence of the Suffragette campaign, because they are both against the Suffragette campaign which is evidence that there is a Suffragette campaign. Both Sources showed that the Suffragette campaign was getting strong, which made more of the Anti-Suffrage Society persuade people not to support them as Source C shows a propaganda poster, trying to get the public on not to support the Suffragette campaign. However in my views, Source A supports Source C is the opposition of the Suffragette. They are not the same organisation so the Source C the least because the two sources are different from each which does not support the Suffragette campaign. Source A, is a propaganda poster made by the Suffragette. They are not the same organisation, so the Source C will not support with Source A as evidence about the Suffragette campaign. ...read more.

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