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Study Sources G and H, Do these two sources prove that Prohibition was successful?

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Question D Study Sources G and H, Do these two sources prove that Prohibition was successful? Source G shows that Prohibition was successful to an extent. There are numerous reasons that show that Prohibition was successful such as, the figures of illegal spirits seized increased dramatically from 1921 where the number was 414,000 to 11,030,000 in 1925 and even further by 1929 where the number was 11,860,000. These figures show that the Prohibition officers were determined to carry out their task of enforcing the law. Also the number increased from 11,030,000 to only 11,860,000 between 1925 and 1929 which shows a significant decrease of spirits seized than between 1921 and 1925. ...read more.


If Prohibition was working then there shouldn't have been nearly as much alcohol being produced. Also had they had more agents they might have seized a huge amount more of each because we don't know how much there was out there. These statistics were given by Federal agents and from my own knowledge I know that some Federal agents were corrupted and bribed so you don't know if you this source is trustworthy. Also from my own knowledge I know that by 1929 the majority of the public were openly drinking alcohol in their own homes, even the president! Also this data is typical of a Federal government agency that was under pressure to enforce Prohibition and was failing to do so. ...read more.


This indicates that more and more people were ignoring the law. These statistics don't inform us as to why Prohibition was failing but from my own knowledge I know it was because of the gangsters, crime, corruption and bribes. Also from my own knowledge I know that police departments were corrupt especially in big cities like Chicago that were hit hard by the organised crime. Therefore we can't trust these statistics, as they might be even worse than these. In conclusion I believe that neither sources proves Prohibition was a success or not. Both have good and bad points and for source H especially, you can't say whether it was successful or not because the figures are from one police department. Those statistics do not represent Prohibition for the whole of America. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Molyneux ...read more.

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