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Sutdy G and H.Prove that F is wrong

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History Coursework Part 2D Study source H and G. Prove that F is wrong. Source F is from a recent book called 'British Butchers and Bunglers of world war'. It is written by an Australian writing who is extremely critical. In it he calls Haig "as stubborn and as unthinking as a donkey" and called the Somme "criminal negligence" but we must remember that the writer is looking for the bad points of Haig and the battle and probably exaggerating them so they can go in the book. This means the source isn't entirely reliable, as with all non-eyewitness accounts, but is also biased because in the book they are only showing and describing the bad side ad decisions of the people in the war. It is truthful in some places for example the idea of Haig principle which had guided him "if he could kill more Germans than the Germans could kill his men, then he would at some point win the war". ...read more.


We know this is true as Germans had a great confidence in themselves winning and when they lost their morale was really, really low. However this source is quite biased as it only praises British army. It tells the public how good British army was, and how hard it was for Germans to beat them. I think that this source might be written to make German public feel better about losing. They might wanted the German public to feel that there was no way Germans could beat British Army anyway. It might also have another reason. They might want to get their ground ready, for the next war. So that if they beat them in the next war , their winning will feel even sweater as the British Army was "so good". Source H was written by British General in 1973,who had fought in both world wars. It also praises Haig for his grate commandership. I think it might had been written because the General might had also been involved in making some of this decisions so praising Haig was equivalent to praising himself. ...read more.


Haig was not a donkey just a General that had never been in this kind of war before. Also he's morale cannot be question and his believe in winning. However I also believe that G and H does not prove F wrong because they are really biased and do not show the whole truth, while F which is also biased shows the other side of Haig. I feel that I would trust F more as it shows the rough reality while H and G are only trying to make all story sound really sweet. I feel that F is more reliable as the sources G and H seems to be really praising Haig and not showing any bad sides of Him and his decisions which we know there were many. This makes this sources sound not right. In conclusion they cannot prove F wrong as they are written by the people who needed to say those things from a variety of different reasons, while G was written by someone who didn't need to be either praising Haig or be really mean to him for that it seems more believable. ?? ?? ?? ?? Work by: Anika Kloska 10SG ...read more.

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