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terroirsm question 1

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Coursework question :Will the war on terror succeed? The War on Terror refers to an effort by many countries (primarily the United States and its principal allies) to neutralize international terrorist groups (primarily so-called radical Islamic terrorist groups, including al-Qaida). It is widely stated to be a consequence of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. The war on terrorism is a delicate matter because of the similarities of a terrorist and a freedom fighter (mujahedeen). There a lot of reason n which suggest terrorism will succeed or not succeed. The main reasons for terrorism not succeed are there are laws that are being placed to stop terrorists organisations spreading such as tighter security in major public places such as airports, there is also laws which forbid with bargaining with terrorists. These can help to aid terrorism out. Another method to help kick terrorism to plan and simply agree to terrorist demands this will mean no more innocent civilians being caught between terrorism and other which are fighting terrorism. Al Qaeda has been attacked since the September 11, 2001 attacks which proves the success of the War on terror. ...read more.


There are many reasons why terrorism will not succeed this is because of the role the media plays to portray terrorists. In one's eyes terrorists could be evil but in another man's eye they could freedom fighters. Nelson Mandela said "I was called a terrorist yesterday... those who are struggling for terrorists in their country are called terrorists". This suggests that people have difference of opinion and that one man's terrorist is another man freedom fighter. The media also purposely targets suspect as being terrorists because of their beliefs and not their actions. This could anger many Muslims because they could be feeling they are being targeted for the wrong reasons. This could cause extremist and potential terrorists. Another reason for terrorism succeeding is the political issues such as the invasion of Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. Howard Zinc an American historians says 'terrorism is...the excuse for...military intervention abroad, and for the suppression of civil rights back home'. The source suggests that terrorism is an excuse for power and control of other countries, the result of this is to make their country as power as possible, by demolishing weaker countries. ...read more.


I hope the war on terror will succeed. It won't be easy, obstacles such as Taliban warfare resistance and the lack of authority of countries that want to back the War on terror in foreign nations will affect the rate of which the War on terror will occur. George Bush said while commented on Saddam Hussein: "Now he sits in a prison cell while his country moves toward a democratic future". This shows that Saddam's dictatorship has been ended and that a move to spread democracy, an official aim, has been successful occurred. If the United States could defeat Saddam Hussein, a powerful leader of Iraq for several years, then why can't they defeat terrorism? What you hope and what actually happens are two different things, I hope the war on terror succeeds but realistically it doesn't seem likely that the war on terror will succeed this is because America and their allies haven't got the common sense or maturity to eliminate terrorism through negotiations like the IRA, do eliminate terrorism all they need to do is follow in the IRA footsteps but this doesn't likely to happen. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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