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The 1939 evacuation of London was well organised. Discuss.

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??The 1939 evacuation of London was well organised?? The British government tried to evacuate all the children during the early years of world war two in order to protect the most valuable thing to the country, and that was the future generation. Aerial bombardment was expected due to advances in technology, this meant that the population were no longer safe and it was likely that they would find themselves in the front line of the German attacks. They believed that the main cities would be the main target for air attacks. It was agreed that children should be evacuated out of the cities, they were sent to the country where it was safer. The evacuation was first carried out in 1939 after the outbreak of war. Some people believed it was well organised whilst others claimed it was a ??shambles??. Some people argued that the evacuation was well organised, source A supports this. ...read more.


This is a reliable source because it is a first-hand account, she took part in the evacuation and witnessed the events unfold. She could have possibly wanted to make it seem as she was doing a good job so could have exaggerated slightly. Source B shows us that the government had informed the evacuees of what was going to happen suggesting that it was well thought through. The evacuees were ??given a list of what to pack?? and ??given a departure time??. This source supports what was said in source C. Both arguments for the evacuation are included in this source; ??given a departure time and it came and went. Then we were given another date, and never left London??. This date changing caused confusion and lead parents to lose faith in the whole evacuation. When the children were finally evacuated they left with half of the things they needed despite being issued with a list; ??my mother was fed up with packing and unpacking, so when we were ...read more.


Source E states that people thought that the effects of the evacuation had not been thought through fully, ??the psychological effects may well be as bad as living in wartime conditions??. It could be implying that some people did not trust the families willing to house the evacuees. Other people also felt that the evacuation was a waste of money which could have been better spent elsewhere, for example ???could have been spent on making schools safe and building good air raid shelters??. It is a reliable source because it is a first-hand account and it states people?s attitudes towards the evacuation at the time. In conclusion from analysing these sources I believe that overall the evacuation was well organised. Due to the large amounts of children being evacuated it was likely that there would be a few problems. The evacuation saved hundreds of children?s lives and therefore it was successful. Almost all of the sources supported the evacuation in varying degrees and said it was organised, many of the sources were hand written accounts which makes them reliable. ...read more.

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