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The 35th president of the United States.

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The 35th President of the United States Tony Fabbri's feet echoed as he strode down the empty corridor into the large dimly lit file and storage room of the Washington branch of the FBI. He reached the old, black security guard at the end of the hall and passed by with a smile, no identification was needed; Tony spent most of his time down here rifling though unsolved mysteries and other more morbid files. Recently he had been following up paranormal activities in the Nevada Desert, a possible tip off for the elusive Area 51, however all he found there was arid alkali flats and a few desert weeds. His nose had been out in the cold too long and he was eager to find something that interested him. As he flicked through the files, looking for something that was worthwhile to read, he came across an aged, battered old file signed in with a familiar signature - D. ...read more.


22nd November nearly forty years ago, he told him that at least one of the shots came from the Dallas Federal H.Q. and security at that building is severe and access is for authorised personal only. Tony was keenly curious to this mystery now, after a little research he had found out who was in that building at approximately 12.30p.m., when the shots were fired. He established that two FBI agents were in the building at the time; the others were either out watching the convoy or were on duty. Of the two who were inside one had died but the other, Rob Simpson was a seventy-eight year old man living in Monterey, a picturesque coastal town in western California. Two days later, having checked in at the Travel Lodge Motel, California. Tony Fabrri unpacked his only black hold-all suitcase, left the motel and hailed down a taxi. He entered the taxi and gave the Puerto Rican driver the address to go to, which he acquired back in Washington - 1174 Mapeltree Av. ...read more.


The words on the outside were simply written in blue biro, 'The Plan - Nov '63'. Inside Tony had hit the jackpot. A carefully devised plan was set out; the CIA had wanted Kennedy dead, but why? He didn't know, but as he looked up to this old man he saw his wrinkled face moist with tears, and thought, 'Is it worth putting him through a case that most have forgotten, and to see him be jailed for the few years he has left?' This thought was still in his mind as he turned the steering wheel to turn into his reserved motel parking space. "He is old let him be." Later that night two men lay awake in California, thinking about the same day almost forty years before. As Simpson lay, wheezing in and out, he thought of that day, when the sweat clung to his sparkly white shirt, looking down the sight of his gun down onto the 35th President of the United States. BY ANDREW LAVERY 1 Creative Fiction Page 1 ...read more.

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