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The activities of the Suffragettes caused more harm than good.

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The Activities of the Suffragettes caused more harm than good Throughout the early twentieth century, the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies campaigned to obtain womens' vote and to achieve suffrage. However a group of women, within this organisation, became dissatisfied with the peaceful tactics being used and felt the only way to further their movement was to use more forceful tactics. This led to the formation of the Women's Social and Political Union, which was also known as the suffragettes. The suffragettes methods of acquiring the vote has become more extreme as time passed, therefore some of their methods hindered their campaign rather than assisting with it. On the 1st March 1912, the suffragettes broke every show window in Piccadilly Circus, Regent street and Oxford street. They targeted businesses and places which were used by mostly men. ...read more.


This occurrence would have delayed the WSPU's operation critically as MP's opposed to the vote of women would stand firmer on their argument, which was a set back as the only way the suffragettes were to gain the vote was through the government. These types of activities proved women to be more vindictive and therefore such a privilege as the vote would not be deserved by them. The split of the NUWSS lost the organisation a lot of credibility, as it acted as evidence to the disorganisation of the group, and even further to the whole suffrage. Therefore this would make the opposition question whether the women were capable of managing the vote. The contrast of both groups, the suffragettes and the suffragists highlighted the aggressive conduct of the Suffragettes, and made it seem unnecessary. ...read more.


Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst posed as frail in-mates in jail which was dissimilar to how they usually behaved. Constance Lytton was also turned into a propaganda story after she became paralysed as a result of force feeding. The WSPU also had its own newspaper, 'Votes for Women' which was then later changed to 'The suffragette'. It acted as a bulletin for the suffragette activities and demonstrations. Another method of obtaining new members were by holding constant meetings and having demonstrations. For example on the 21st June 1908 a demonstration was organised which was funded with �1000 in advertising. This is verification of how wealthy the WSPU really was. In conclusion, it can be seen that even though the suffragettes carried out some wrong tactics where extreme violence hindered their campaign, however some their activities also assisted with their campaign. Therefore it can be said that activities of the Suffragettes caused more harm than good ...read more.

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