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The Arab/ Israeli conflict is about religion and so no other factor is important. Do you agree?

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The Arab/ Israeli conflict is about religion and so no other factor is important. Do you agree? I don't agree with this statement; however religion is one of the main factors of the conflict. Religion contributed to the conflict because from an Arab perspective they believe this land was left to them by Abraham's son Ishmael. The belief is that God told Abraham that the land belongs to him and his descendents. The Arabs believe they were Ishmael's descendents who was a descendent of Abraham so this was there land to claim. Also the Muslims believe this land was promised to them by the Israelites at some point in history and this is said in various verses in the Qur'an. However the Jews believe that this land was left to them by God in the Bible, it is largely based on Gods promise to Abraham in Genesis chapter 15 and its reiteration to Abraham's son Isaac. They believe they are Isaacs's descendents so they believe this is there land to claim. ...read more.


This also ties in with the Holocaust. This was when the Jews were persecuted in Germany 1933-1939 because of their religion. They believe if they had their own homeland they wouldn't need to live in other countries so things like this wouldn't happen again. The wanted somewhere they could be left alone. Land is also another factor. The Jews were left without a state before 1948 because at an earlier time the Romans ruled Israel. The Jews had distrust and often hatred for the Roman Empire. There were frequent revolts by the Jews. The Jews threatened revolt due to the increase of taxation which was followed through. After the revolt the Jewish-Roman war began and the Jews were defeated. The Herods Temple was burnt and was a defeat for the Romans. Later in AD 135 the second big revolt by the Jews took place and the Romans decided to punish the Jews by destroying Jews villages and a more drastic punishment was that the Jews were not allowed to stay in Jerusalem and Israel was now known as Palestine. ...read more.


They were hundreds and thousands who were displaced from their homes or fled. It became the Palestinian Diaspora. Power is another factor. At the moment the Israelis are more powerful than the Arabs because they have more land than them. Power causes conflict because both sides want the power as well as the other factors. The Cold War didn't help between the USA and USSR. The USA supported Israel were the USSR supported the Arabs. They bought more conflict because they all wanted power over the opposition. The nine eleven attack on the twin towers in America has given the USA power because they stared a war with Afghanistan and Iraq this has caused tension with the Middle East and the West and because the US supported Israelis this gave them more power than Arabs because Afghanistan and Iraq were Arab countries. So I don't think that religion was the only important factors in the conflict I think land and power were just as important as religion in the conflict. They both want the land and power and religion backs up their reasons for why the land should be theirs. ...read more.

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