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The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy took place inDealy Plaza on November 22nd 1963.

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The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy took place in Dealy Plaza on November 22nd 1963. Immediately the hunt for the killer started. Within hours lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and charged with the killing. Within the year the official government inquiry called the Warren committee reported their findings. They say that * Kennedy was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald using a mannlicher carcano rifle. * Oswald fired three shots from the sixth floor of the depository. * Kennedy was struck by two bullets from the rear. * Oswald worked alone in the assassination. There has been much disagreement over who killed JFK throughout the world but so far not much has been done about it. No-one really knows who killed the president of the United States. Some think it was the mafia, some the CIA, some people think it was the government, but most people think it was a man called Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald was born on 18th October 1939 in New Orleans. He lived with his mother (his dad had died) ...read more.


I think that it was a set-up so that he would get the blame so it would look like it was him. But when the FBI took his gun to check for finger prints they couldn't find any. It is possible that the government could have got a print from the morgue when he was killed. If Oswald did commit this crime I think that he didn't work alone as the third, fatal shot came from in front of the presidents car. Whereas at this time Oswald was behind him. There were quite a few groups that wanted Kennedy dead. These included the mafia, Jack Ruby and the powerful right wing forces in America. The Mafia did not like him because when his brother became Attorney General they were afraid and angry. They made tape recordings and telephone calls that proved that they wanted the president dead. Jack Ruby the man who killed Oswald had close ties with some of the mafia, just before the assassination Ruby made contact with men who wanted the president dead. ...read more.


Plus just after Kennedy was assassinated Linden Johnson (the next president) signed a paper to say that America wasn't pulling out of Vietnam. I think that the government killed him because he was trying to change things. After the limousine was driven from the scene it was washed and rebuilt which just happened to have blood, bullet holes and vital clues which could have helped with the investigation of Kennedy's death. After Connally was hit his blood soaked suit was sent to be cleaned. The government was trying to cover things up! The film JFK shows how the government planned to kill the president. The film portrayed evidence showing that there were actually 6 shots: At 12.30 the first shot is fired. 1st shot missed the car completely. 2nd shot hits Kennedy in throat. 3rd shot hits Kennedy in back. 4th shot hits Connally in back. 5th shot misses and hits a man standing near the underpass. 6th shot hits Kennedy's head. Some of the most important papers and reports relating to the Kennedy assassination have been classified 'top secret' by the us government and will not be made public until 2029.If these papers were declassified, people would be able to have access now and find out the truth. ...read more.

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